To Do list into a What Matters Most List

“Turn your To Do list into a What Matters Most List.” –¬†Karen Salmansohn

We often take action with the aim to accomplish our To Do List. That is very human. Everyday we wake up to face a list of To Do Things, study, works, appointments, etc. This list is actually lead into something, to gain what matters in your life. Your goal is to graduate on time, you have the list how to study hard, to finish your assignments, to pass the exam, etc. Your goal is to achieve the top position in carrier you’ve always wanted, you have the list how to be the best at work among¬†colleagues, to show your boss how valuable you are to the company, etc. Or whatever goal you have, will be followed by To do List.

It’s kind of hard to get motivated and actually take action from the list, takes every courage and first step to move. Like it said ”First step is always hard”. But we can start to change those To Do List become What Matters Most List. To think that the list we should do is the most matters in our life , change our perspective and point of view.