Teman Hidup

So you too met and feel in love and resolved to spend your lives together. But at what level? Just short of living together, going through the days, not really connecting, isn’t good enough. You have to have passion for your life together. Your partner isn’t just there for someone to chat to when you get a bit fed up and want some company. Being together has to be a strong bond, a common sharing experience, a dream-fulfilling romance that carries you both along. You have to make the effort. You have to stay awake, in touch, in tune. You have to share dreams and goals and ambitions and plans. You have to have passion for being with each other. You are dedicating your life to someone else’s happiness in a way, and that requires focus, strength, passion, drive, enthusiasm, and effort. You have to really care, to still be in love, to want your partner to be fulfilled, successful, happy, complete.

(Rules #59, The Rules Of Life – Richard Templar)

Teman Hidup


Rule #27

Choose how you make your bed

Every action you take, every decision you make, everything you do causes an immediate effect on those around you – and on you. And this is the important bit. There is such a thing as instant karma. It is your bed and you are going to have to lie in it. Your action will dictate whether in general your life is going to run happily or badly, smoothly or as if the wheels have fallen off. If you are selfish and manipulative it will rebound on you. If you are generally loving and thoughtful you will get your just reward – and not in heaven (or the next life or whatever you believe) but right here, right now. So be careful how you make your bed. What goes around, comes around. Do the right thing, every time. You know what it is.

(Richard Templar – The Rules Of Life)

Rule #68

Never be too busy for loved ones.

It is very easy in the rush of living to overlook people close to us. I have people who are very special, very close to me and I forget to phone, forget to stay in touch. Not because I don’t care but because I am too busy. Unforgivable. Every now and then I’ll complain that I haven’t heard from him/her. But of course it is me not staying in touch just as much as it is. We have to make time, because if we don’t, time slips past so fast that a few days become weeks, and then months, and then years are added on before we know it.

No matter how busy your life is, you have to make time. You have to make quality time for all those around you to whom you make a difference. Those that love you get repaid in time – it’s a fair exchange. They love you and you give them something of yourself, something precious. Your time and your attention. And you do this willingly, not as a chore. You do this with dedication and commitment and wholehearted enthusiasm. There is no point spending quality time with your loved ones, for example, and using that time to catch up on work or read the paper. You have to be there entirely for him/her or they’ll know your attention is elsewhere and they’ll feel cheated. One day, he/she might not be there – and then you will so desperately wish you’d actually listened. But then it’ll be too late. So make time for the people who matter – today.

(Richard Templar – The Rules of Life)


Rule #34

People will behave oddly. Things will go unexpectedly wrong or right. People don’t always make sense. Life doesn’t always make sense. Let it go and discover the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’ll never understand everything. Sometimes it just is.

(Richard Templar – The Rules Of Life)

Your Job Is Not Your Career

Passion is things that you really really love doing. Your passion is your strength. And your strength is not about what you’re good at. It is about what you enjoy the most. It is within you. It is your uniqueness. It is not what you think you will like. It is all about what you feel when you do things. Do what you are, and live in your uniqueness. Try everything, but don’t hold anything back. Enjoy the journey itself. It is all about self-discoveries. Heaven will not ignore sincere effort and true determination.

(Your Job Is Not Your Career – Rene Suhardono)

Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson

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“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do” – Apple’s “Think Different” commercial, 1997.

Last year when first the book published, I have had read part of the book, I mean skimming. And then followed by a retell from someone who have read it. But it will be incomplete if I don’t read it fully by myself. The hard part was I read it in an iPod with 2624 pages. I think people who really appreciate Apple as a remarkable company and their innovative products which have changed the world, would really love to read the story one of an extraordinary man who influenced Apple, from the very beginning until Apple as it is now. In a process of writing the book, Jobs requested the writer that he would have no control over it or even the rights to see it in advance. The only control is only for the cover. And that’s I think, showed a side of honesty of him to be all “naked”. Like his wife said about Jobs “There are parts of his life and personality that are extremely messy, and that’s the truth”, well I agree with her. Great book by Walter Isaacson, who also the writer of biography of Benjamin Franklin and Albert Einstein.

Perahu Kertas


Tanpa disadari, Keenan mempererat pelukannya. Menikmati denyutan hening. Karena hanya saat mereka bersama, ia bisa mencicipi keabadian. Meski hanya sesaat. (Perahu Kertas – Dee)