Crap! Another phase of me feeling awful. Another day of me feeling blue. I had enough this negative thoughts. But no… please not again. Why this shit could be happen? Is it absolutely a problem with myself? Or is it just another patch of confusion that slowly killing my brain? This is what we call a life, right? Life is a beautiful thing but […]

Always Right There

Having relationship with the “right and click” one means : Could we, after read pages by pages our journey of life, grow old together, and finally when we meet again, we only just sit and quite as no more words left to say and no more stories left to share. Could we, only just holding […]


Sitting down the old bamboo bench. Dogs barking from the distance. Birds singing with melody. Billowing fragrant of dupa. Leaves on twigs dancing merrily. Sweltering afternoon, relaxing, and peacefully beautiful. Island of paradise. Island of Gods. It is just amazing feeling.  

Dirty Duck Diner

Dirty Duck Diner aka Bebek Bengil was first opened in 1990, located in Hanoman Street, Padang Tegal, Ubud. Great food, great place, relaxed atmosphere. They offer variety of menu, but The Crispy Duck is their speciality. The duck is so crispy so that you can eat the bones. Half a duck steamed in Indonesian spices […]

A Man’s Dying

The day you left Real life tasted like a bitter pill That i have to swallow Really bites Why you have gone so far away? Why your presence still too real? Why you let me to feel this way? What about us? Life is not lost by dying; life is lost minute by minute, day […]


Dalam terra incognita.. Aku memujamu.. Dengan setengah mati-separuh hidup.. Kita telah lewati paradiso dan inferno bersama-sama.. Di bumi, di mimpi, di manapun.. You were my cure and I was your disease.. I was killing you and you were saving me.. Mungkinkah kita alami, reinkarnasi, dalam keabadian.. Bersama-sama? Aku tetap memujamu.. for sure..

I’m Just A Dust

Dust is ubiquitous in the universe, and plays an important role in a wide variety of astrophysical processes. Understanding the impact of dust on such processes requires accurate data on the optical properties of interstellar dust grains under realistic conditions. We will measure the optical properties of silicate smokes over a wide range of temperatures […]

Bali : Serangan Island (This is Where I Live)

  a way to Serangan Island – late afternoon   This is where I live. Serangan Island. People call it Tortule Island or Turtle Island. Located in south east coast of Bali, south of Sanur and close to the mouth of Benoa Harbor. The access point to Serangan is located on the Bypass between Kuta […]