Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson

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“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do” – Apple’s “Think Different” commercial, 1997.

Last year when first the book published, I have had read part of the book, I mean skimming. And then followed by a retell from someone who have read it. But it will be incomplete if I don’t read it fully by myself. The hard part was I read it in an iPod with 2624 pages. I think people who really appreciate Apple as a remarkable company and their innovative products which have changed the world, would really love to read the story one of an extraordinary man who influenced Apple, from the very beginning until Apple as it is now. In a process of writing the book, Jobs requested the writer that he would have no control over it or even the rights to see it in advance. The only control is only for the cover. And that’s I think, showed a side of honesty of him to be all “naked”. Like his wife said about Jobs “There are parts of his life and personality that are extremely messy, and that’s the truth”, well I agree with her. Great book by Walter Isaacson, who also the writer of biography of Benjamin Franklin and Albert Einstein.

World’s News

So… the controversial and provocative amateurish video “Innocence of Muslims”, illustrated prophet Muhammad is all over the news now. Again, it hurts me purely as a human being, regardless any of religious issue. The video itself drew attention across the globe, mainly because the never-ending conflict between moslem and their biggest “enemies”, particularly because the remembrance of 9/11 moment, as motivation to justify -whatever it is- to insult moslem’s faith. I’ve watched the video, and in my opinion, it’s a fool video. Really fool. I was laughing not because how the video describe about how he (who was illustrated as prophet Muhammad) as a womanizer, psycho thug, pedophile, and other similar words for kind of bad thing, otherwise.. he looked like a buffoon trying too hard showing to the world that moslem, Islam, as well prophet Muhammad are as bad as their “enemies” think. Who would believe kind of joke, in fact whereas the “enemies” showed how poor, stupid, and shallow they are. Nevertheless, faith is faith, moslem people are already tainted and hurt because of the video, demonstration can’t be avoided, especially in Islam country. Hence, victims can’t be avoided too. I would pray for the soul who keep thinking shallow, insulting other religion, hopefully they realize how beautiful it will to live side by side, whoever your God are.

Anyway… there’s another news from the Royal family. After Harry’s naked pics scandal, now The Duchess of Cambridge aka Kate Middleton topless pics which first published by France magazine, stirring The Royal’s anger (esp -of course- her husband). It’s a normal picture showing a woman sun bathing, taking off her tops and enjoying holiday with her husband. I mean, million women out there do the same. But I guess it won’t be the same when she’s the British queen candidate, and at the same time the pics establish, she’s in Malaysia wearing hijab and go in to the mosque, for the first time with her husband. A coincidence? A conspiracy to break down the image? Or any related issue with what’s going on with the moslem news?

Well… maybe better I grab my tea, and come back to my real own problem.

I Miss You

I miss traveling wherever near and far away. I miss watching sunset from the beach. I miss watching snow while drinking Glühwein. I miss eating chicken wings while watching The Big Bang Theory or Misfits. I miss talking face to face, discussing about everything, and arguing hard topics until we get headache. I miss laughing until we get stomachache. I miss lying on the grass and seeing the sky. I miss swimming and snorkeling in the white sandy beach. I miss taking pictures in every places, every city, every country.

With you.

I Never

I’ve lied, cheated, stolen, and been ungrateful for what I have. And I’m afraid habits rule my waking life. I’m scared and I’m runnin’ in my sleep. For you. But all the oceans, and rivers, and showers will wash it all away and make me clean. For you.


Perahu Kertas


Tanpa disadari, Keenan mempererat pelukannya. Menikmati denyutan hening. Karena hanya saat mereka bersama, ia bisa mencicipi keabadian. Meski hanya sesaat. (Perahu Kertas – Dee)