Paris : Eiffel Tower

– A winter’s night in Paris, December 2011 –

Quietly the snow flakes fall
Gently dusting the frozen ground
Colouring the lifeless trees in white
The air is crisp and biting all around
The wind howls like a baying wolf
Its lonely song echos thru the night
My eyes are dazzled by the beauty of the snow
Illuminated by the moon’s silvery light
The windows are all nicely cover’d
With a kaleidoscope of designs
Crystal prints of artistic ice
Jack Frost has left behind
I love to watch a winter’s night
Snuggled warmly near the fire place
A scenic frozen master piece
Nature paints with subtle grace

(A Winter’s Night by John A. Hancock)

One Day

I’ve recently watched the movie “One Day” starring Anne Hathaway (Emma) and Jim Sturgess (Dexter). I like the movie. And the soundtrack. This movie based on best selling book by David Nicholls. One Day tells the story of Dexter and Emma, two college friends and their ever changing relationship as close-friends over the time of 20 years. Each scene of the movie takes place on the same day in progressing years. The City of Paris and London as scene place make the movie so romantic.

“Whatever happens tomorrow, we’ve had today. And if we should bump into each other sometime in the future, well that’s fine too, we’ll be friends.” – One Day


Perfect in imperfection

I’ve gone through times when I really didn’t feel good inside about myself.
I used to push myself as perfect as everyone thought.
I used to not accept the side of me in imperfection.

I hated everything untidy.
I checked every single thing many times to not let any chance of making tiny hole.
I kept unfinished things so long to wait until everything in the version of my perfection.
I was so hard to handle and made things complicated.
I kept thinking about what has happened and mistakes I’ve done that I should have not done.
I felt worry about the future and how things would be.

I used to think that the way to be strong was to be though.
I used to think the way to be independent was to not need anyone.
I pretend to be strong, in fact that I was not.
I pretend to be independent, in fact that I felt lonely and needed help.

I have been hoped that nothing would have failed.
I have been thought that everyone would see me in a way I hoped they would have seen me.
I have been down so deep and no one pulled me back.
I missed my life, in fact I missed myself.

You’ve changed my point of view on how it should be to love myself.
You’ve showed me on how to not worry about what other people think about me.

”Nothing is wrong to be not perfect, fix it as you go.
The world will not be going to end, everything’s gonna be great.. not just ok.
Nothing to worry as long as I’m with you.”

You made me realize that I am perfect just the way I am.
Thank you for showing me your version of perfection.