I won’t let you go

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sgRb_lfIZ6A[/youtube] If your sky is falling, just take my hand and hold it. You don’t have to be alone, I won’t let you go.

One Day

I’ve recently watched the movie “One Day” starring Anne Hathaway (Emma) and Jim Sturgess (Dexter). I like the movie. And the soundtrack. This movie based on best selling book by David Nicholls. One Day tells the story of Dexter and Emma, two college friends and their ever changing relationship as close-friends over the time of […]

Perfect in imperfection

I’ve gone through times when I really didn’t feel good inside about myself. I used to push myself as perfect as everyone thought. I used to not accept the side of me in imperfection. I hated everything untidy. I checked every single thing many times to not let any chance of making tiny hole. I […]

A little prayer

My good Lord. I know life is hard. And I can’t force You to give the light all the time. There will somehow a phase of darkness, may be once, twice, many times. But before You cut the light out, please make sure that I’m ready to face it. I will try to never waste […]

“Aku sudah pernah dihapus (dari kehidupan seseorang), dan aku tahu rasanya menghapus seseorang. Kamu tahu ketika kamu mencintai seseorang, dan itu berakhir, dan kamu merasa seolah-olah mereka telah melanjutkan hidupnya, atau bahkan tidak pernah? Rasanya mengerikan.” “Tapi semua yang terjadi dalam hidupku datang dengan alasan, untuk membuatku berada di tingkat yang lebih tinggi, dan membuatku […]